Hip Surgery and Replacement

Hip injuries and procedures

Your hip joint is a "ball-and-socket" joint that extends from the femur to the pelvic bone. The hip joint supports your body weight and helps you maintain balance and proper posture.

Healthy hip joints enable us to do everyday tasks like walking and sitting down as well as rigorous activities like climbing, dancing and sports.

Living with an unhealthy or injured hip can have a serious impact on your quality of life.

If you are experiencing hip pain or have a hip condition, it is important to see an orthopedic physician.

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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure that involves small incisions and the use of a camera fitted onto a small, slender tube. This type of procedures allows you to see into the hip and make repairs or debridement without a large incision.

Hip arthroscopy can help patients regain function of their hip and allows the patient to make a faster recovery.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery (Total Hip Arthroplasty)

Total hip replacement reconstructs replaces the arthritic joint with a hip prosthesis. It sounds scary, but many times the procedure can be done through a small incision.

Once fully healed, patients typically regain full and normal activity.

Alexander Orthopaedic Associates is the only orthopedic practice in the Tampa Bay area that specializes in outpatient joint replacement surgery.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is a unique procedure performed by few surgeons in the Tampa Bay area. It is most commonly prescribed for young men with premature hip arthritis.

By preserving both muscle and bone, the procedure allows patients to live with fewer limitations once fully healed.

Why Choose Us for Your Hip Surgery

With over 20 years of orthopedic surgical experience, we are the pioneers of the most innovative and effective surgical solutions for your hip joint injuries and conditions.

Advances in arthroscopy and arthroplasty techniques enables our Board Certified physicians to provide our patients with minimally invasive treatments and little muscle trauma.

We are also the only orthopedic practice in Tampa Bay to provide all of the necessary steps for joint rejuvenation and replacement under one roof.

A member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.