5 Signs You Have a Serious Knee Injury

5 Signs You Have a Serious Knee Injury

As a lifelong athlete, you know the toll that being active can have on your body. While you’re a pro at recognizing when an injury can simply be walked off, it’s can a little harder to tell when you need medical attention.

Serious knee injuries need to be addressed right away though or you run the risk of further injuring yourself, which can affect your time on the court, field, or wherever you sweat it out. But what symptoms should you think twice about? Read on to learn five symptoms you shouldn’t ignore and what you should do next.

1. Your Knee is Very Swollen

A slightly swollen knee may be no cause for concern, but if your knee has swollen immensely (think: the size of a baseball or bigger) chances are you’re not going to walk this one off. If you’re experiencing extreme swelling, it’s possible you have an ACL tear or a fracture. If your knee swells the day after you sustain an injury, it could signal a meniscus injury. In either case, schedule a visit with your doctor.

2. You Felt a Painful Pop in Your Knee

A sharp pain followed by a painful pop in your knee could mean you have torn your ACL and should see your doctor as soon as possible.

3. Your Knee Locked Up

With some injuries, part of the inner cartilage can tear and cause a fragment to float into the center of your knee and block motion. These types of cartilage tears (also known as bucket-handle meniscus tears) are serious and often require surgery.

4. Your Knee Feels Weak When You Try to Straighten It

Certain knee injuries will resolve on their own in a few days. However, if you sustained a knee injury and are experiencing progressive weakness in the following days, see your doctor. Common causes of knee weakness include injuries to the patella tendon and quadriceps tendon. Although these injuries are rare, they do occur and require medical attention.

5. It Hurts to Walk or Put Weight on Your Knee

Things like age and arthritis can cause knee pain when you walk. However, if you have trouble walking or putting weight on your knee following an injury, we recommend seeing your doctor. It could be a sign of a tear or another series of injuries that may be worsened if you don’t have the problem addressed right away.

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