For the Love of Feet

Woman Ties Shoes Outside By Bridge

In a recent article from Runner's World, Dr. Perler was quoted on the importance of foot health.
“The foot is an amazingly complex structure from both a mechanical and architectural viewpoint,” says Adam D. Perler, D.P.M., our podiatrist at Alexander Orthopaedic.

“Over a lifetime, the average person circumnavigates the Earth’s circumference more than five times,” says Perler. “There are very few complex mechanical things we can engineer that would be able to withstand so many cycles without complete failure or breakdown.”

Runner's World compiled some tips on how to keep your feet healthy for the long-run.

Shoes to Fit Your Feet

“Getting new shoes periodically is not cheap, but running in old shoes will likely cost you more in the long run,” says Perler. Shoes that support your arches and heels are crucial to maximizing your workouts and minimizing your recovery time. Look for durable materials that are also breathable and flexible to keep your puppies happy on the pavement.

The Importance of Stretching

“Tight calf muscles are the most common link to most foot pathologies seen in runners,” says Perler. Be sure to stretch your calves prior to exercising. It's best to stretch your muscles when they're warm. Get your blood flowing by walking for five minutes and stretching after. Try these calf stretching techniques before and after your next sprint to see a serious difference in leg and foot pain.

Spice Up Your Sweat Sessions

“A diversity in running terrain, exercise intensity, weight training, core-strengthening, and recovery can help you run even longer, faster, and most importantly injury-free,” says Perler.
Try yoga, beach walks, and weight lifting in between your cardio to get the most out of your muscles when you go for your runs.

Know When to Rest

Your "off" days are just as important as when you're "on." Your muscles need time to heal and recover to give you the best running potential. Remember to elevate and ice sore muscles. When you're in pain, do not overextend yourself. These key tips will prevent future injuries and soreness.

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