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What Causes Cold Weather Joint Pain?

Woman who is exercising pausing for knee joint pain

When temperatures drop, lots of people experience increased aches and pains in the joints. But why does winter weather equal achy joints, and what can you do to change the equation? Keep reading to find out. What Causes Cold Weather Joint Pain? While many people observe increased joint stiffness and pain in cold and damp…

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How to Limit Joint Pain in Your 40s

Regular stretching and low impact exercise through swimming or yoga can help keep the joints healthy and mobile as you age.

Welcome to Club 40, where everything hurts. And it’s not just in your head — research shows that joint pain caused by arthritis and other age-related conditions are more likely to begin in your 40s.  So if you’re starting to feel a bit less flexible than you used to, or even if you’re not, the…

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