Car Accident Recovery

Don't let car accident injuries wreck you.

You deserve to live pain-free after an auto collision. Get effective, personalized treatment plans from specialists who care.

We’ve helped countless patients get back to their daily routines. Read their 5-star reviews:

"Many thanks to Dr. Alexander and his Associates! I can climb stairs again."

— JW Marina

"I am amazed with my surgery results. [Dr. Zahrai’s] staff was supportive and beyond exceptional in their scheduling process (my surgery was scheduled within 30 days). I feel very lucky that I could have Dr. Zahrai as my doctor."

— Kevin R.

"After discharge, I had no pain at all. A small incision in the wrist was all it took. Now, not even 2 weeks later, I have just a tiny scar left that will disappear. I was back to work the next day. All in all an awesome experience and I highly recommend this office and Dr. Penello."

— Agnes R.
Dr. Alexander speaking with a patient

Your auto insurance requires you to seek medical attention within 14 days following an accident in order to qualify for your PIP benefits. 

Even if you’ve already seen a general physician, an orthopedic surgeon can better diagnose and treat injuries that are directly related to your accident.

Don’t wait – get the treatment you need.

Expert, team-based care, all under one roof.

MRIs. Physical therapy. Frequent check-ins. We’re here to support you throughout the healing process. 

Our auto accident physicians will design a personalized treatment plan to ensure a speedy recovery from your car accident injury.

headshot of Vladimir Alexander, M.D.

Vladimir Alexander, M.D.

Hip/Knee/Shoulder Specialist

headshot of Daniel Penello, M.D., M.B.A.

Daniel Penello, M.D.

Hand/Wrist/Elbow Specialist

headshot of Adam Perler, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

Adam Perler, D.P.M.

Foot/Ankle Specialist

headshot of Ali Zahrai, M.D., MSc, FRCSC

Ali Zahrai, M.D., MSc, FRCSC

Spine/Neck Specialist

Woman with neck pain after a car accident

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