Treatment for Hand & Wrist Orthopedic Conditions

Dr. Penello is a pioneer in hand & wrist orthopedic treatments.

Recipient of a Top Doctors Awards in 2012 for hands and upper extremity, Dr. Penello is a pillar in the orthopedic community. Using better materials and developing new surgical techniques improves the quality of life for our patients experiencing hand & wrist conditions.

Expert care delivers exceptional results.

We offer several surgical procedures to treat conditions of the hand and upper extremity.

Total Wrist Replacements
A total wrist replacement involves replacing certain damaged bones of the wrist with a prosthesis or artificial joint. We are one of the few practices that perform total wrist replacements. This is an outpatient surgery at our practice.

Surgical Correction of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Dr. Penello's minimally invasive technique for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome requires only a ½ inch incision. The results are superior to traditional open or endoscopic carpal tunnel release.

Joint Arthroplasty

Joint arthroplasty involves resurfacing the bones of the joint or replacing the joint with an artificial prosthesis. Arthroplasty of the hand or wrist eliminates pain and allows the patient to retain movement in their finger.

Tendon Transfers

This procedure involves using redundant tendons from one part of the hand or arm to supplement another that has been lost due to stroke, injury, trauma or autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Penello is one of the few surgeons in the country who performs complicated tendon transfers.

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